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Who am i ?

My teachers who became friends then were stuntmen. Thanks to them, I discorvered this world and they gave me the opportunity to be part of their group "Cascade Demo Team". With them, I had a chance to travel the world to perform on stage. Over the years, I discovered many different arts to expend my knowledge. 

Without a doubts, I found my path through the cinema. Along the way, I discovered a passion what brings me encounters, happiness and personal development.

I have been passionate about action films since an early age, so was naturally drawn to martial arts. At the age of 6 that I discovered them with karate and aikido. They taught me essential values, such as respect and self control.
Around the age of 10, I started extreme martial arts. A mix between martial arts, gymnastics and capoeira. It was through the creation of martial choreographies that I blossomed.

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